Winners and Losers in the Kevin Durant Deal


In every scenario there are winners and losers, with Kevin Durant going to the Golden State Warriors we can take a few minutes and figure out who wins and losses.


Winner – Harrison Barnes

He gets a Max contract with the Mavericks and he already has a ring. HB was never going to be a hall of famer or even a first team all star, but he can realize some of his potential with the Mavs.

Loser – Dallas Mavericks

Just like the rest of the NBA is going to do, they overpaid for someone that won’t make a big difference in the long run.

Loser – Oakland, CA

If they lose the Warriors at the start of the “Dynasty”

Loser – Oklahoma City Thunder

Can you say irrelevant again?

Winner – Steve Kerr

No way he can mess this up.

Winner – Luke Walton

No way can he be blamed for this.

Winner – Kevon Looney

Take your time kid.

Loser – Western Conference

If it wasn’t bad enough already.

Winner – LeBron James

If the Cavs beat the Warriors in the Finals again, you can pretty much say he is the best player ever.

Loser – LA Clippers

Re-singing Austin Rivers isn’t gonna cut it.

Winner – The NBA

This works out best for the NBA, Warriors vs. Cavs parts 3, 4 and 5. Just like Ali vs. Frasier, Borg vs. McEnroe, Magic vs. Bird, Yankee’s vs. Red Sox the NBA will thrive on the rivalry.

Winner – The Eastern Conference

Collective Thought “Thank heaven I don’t play in the Western Conference”

Loser – The Golden State Warriors

If they DON’T win the championship!