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Paige VanZant Responds To Sexy Reebok Video

Part of the reason Paige VanZant draws such intense reactions from people is the way she handles their reactions. She doesn’t seem to care much.

Shortly after posting a risque Reebok promotion she made in her home, her colleagues and Twitter followers weren’t shy about voicing their opinions. The tweet was taken down shortly after the negative reception began to pour in, but VanZant claims she really didn’t care.

She provided with her first thoughts on the matter the following her original post.

“No, I didn’t even delete it,” VanZant said. “Somebody else, I don’t know how. I think my mom deleted it, so it’s my mom being a mom.

VanZant drew the ire of several of her fellow coworkers, including fellow fighters Angela Hill and Lauren Murphy. However, defending champion and UFC 211 headliner Joanna Jedrzejczyk offered support. Jedrzejczyk is also sponsored by Reebok, which might have played into her comparatively softer comments.


To call VanZant’s video a scandal would be grossly overstating the minor waves it made. Some of her colleagues appeared chapped, but that might be more of a manifestation of their frustrations over the publicity she gets.

In a word, jealousy.

However, she effectively sidestepped having to discuss this ever again, by standing behind herself and her decisions.


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