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  • Mar 27, 2019
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I am an 87 year old prolific sports enthusiast who has been listening to the number One sports radio station here in the San Francisco Bay Area for over the past 30 plus years. During the last several months I had become very interested listening to the various Sports Betting Handicappers that have been advertising on the station on several weekend mornings through the Ultimate Marketing Company.

I was especially interested in listening to Jack Ritchie of over those several months that he had been advertising at the station and listening to him constantly talking about his 81% winning percentage for his picks and how well his picks had been doing lately and his letting everyone know that he was a “millionaire maker”!

So one day in late mid December after listening to his standard offer on the station offering a free pick on an upcoming game by just phoning the number he provided (((800)499-3733) and to listen to a 30 second RECORDED MESSAGE which would give me the name of the team to bet on. Because it appeared that from what he stated and what I read on The Las Vegas Sports Monitor that he had won over 81% of his bets in the past year, I decided to dial the number and listen to the recorded message.

Unfortunately, it turned out to be my big mistake because I never did get a recorded message, Instead, I immediately got a LIVE PERSON (named Tony Lombardo) who did not give me the free game that was promised, instead he gave me this gigantic story about how I could get into JR’s Private Account Group where he guaranteed winnings of $75,000 in 30 days if I would join the club for $25,000.

I told him that there was no way that I could possibly afford that kind of money and after a while he said that he could let me in the Special Group for $10,000 with the guarantee that I would be getting back $75,000 in 30 days starting with just a $1000 deposit into a Bookie Account from which all of the bets would be made and he promised I would never have to come up with any more money to deposit into the Bookie account!

A couple of days later I received a phone call from Jack Richie himself who gave me a complete interview asking me all about my financial situation in which I let him know that I was living on Social Security and a very small retirement payment and a small bank account which I described to him in detail. After he completed his interview, it was decided by him that the $10,000 payment was not enough but they would settle for just $5000 more to allow me into his Private Account Group.

I refused to pay the additional $5000 and it was eventually agreed upon by all that we would settle for just $2500 more and that would complete the deal of getting me into his Private Account Group which promised to return to me $75,000 within the next 30 days. My money was transferred from my bank account into the account of their company account which was provided for me by Tony Lombardo and told that it was in a New York B of A bank as shown below; Executive Advisory Inc. Account # XXXXXXXXXXXX Routing # XXXXXXXXX On December 20th I transferred $10,000 Between December 28th and 31st I transferred the remaining $2500 Tony Lombardo, (702-960-8235) with whom I have been doing all my corresponding and who has provided me with all of the bets of JRWins started providing me with bets on December 29th and since that time he has provided me with 10 bets and of those 10 bets, 8 of them were LOSERS (6 of the losses wiped out the entire $1000 Bookie Account).

Since the loses wiped out my entire $1000 Bookie Account and, although he swore to me I would never again have to put even one more dollar into the Account, he said he could not do anything more unless I put at least $300 more into the Bookie Account and so that is what I did because they refused to give me back my money and said if I put the additional money into the Bookie Account things would change.

Well, they did not change at all and the next 2 bets that he told me to make on January 13th both lost and I told him that I felt that they were a con game and I want my money back. Of course they refused! I had told JR in the rather lengthy conversation that we had that I had very limited funds and was actually living on my Social Security and that I did not have any decent retirement or 401 plan and so he was very well aware of my situation but all he did was just keep telling me about all of the men that he had made wealthy and of other members of his special group who are now betting 5 and 10 thousand dollars on each of the games that they bet.

His advertisements on KNBR are just full of him telling everybody how well his picks are doing and while he was telling everyone how well his picks did in the weeks where I had nothing but losses, I knew he was just conning the listeners just like telling them that if they dialed the number he gave, you would get a 30 Second Recording with the Free Pick he was offering!!! Here, just as a point of information are the bets which I was provided with for the length of time that I bet.

12/29/18 Bet Alabama… Lost $100 (I was lucky on this one because although I placed the bet on my credit card, it was not accepted at that time at the Bookie location they recommended for me to use and so although the bet would have lost I did not!!! 12/30/18 NY Jets… lost $100 12/31/18 Texas A&M …won $90 01/01/19 Georgia… lost $300 01/05/19 Houston… lost $250 01/06/19 LA Chargers/Ravens… lost $300 01/12/19 Kansas City…won $100 01/13/19 LA Chargers… lost $100 01/13/19 New Orleans Saints…lost $100

Since everything that has happened between and myself has been nothing but lies and broken promises, I have asked them to please return my $12,500 since they have been negligent in all of these areas into which they had made specific promises and that they had just taken advantage of a very foolish and very senior citizen!!!

Here again are the areas in which they had failed completely in their promises to me!!!

1. Not receiving the 30 second recorded message delivering the Free Pick that was promised in his radio ad message that I never received when I made the call since the call was answered by Tony Lombardo and was the start of all of the fraud that followed!!

2. Providing me with 8 losses in the 10 picks given to me during the 30 day period in which I was promised to have received at least $75,000 into my Bookie Account!

3. Causing me to have to put more money into my Bookie account than the $1000 I deposited after I had been promised that I would never have to put in another dollar after that $1000 which would be all that would be necessary for me to then receive the $75000 in the next 30 days that was promised me by Tony Lombardo for Jack Richie of jrwins!

4. Even after losing the 8 bets out of the 10 plays given to me, I never received even one call from Jack Richie into whose PRIVATE ACCOUNT GROUP I was supposed to have been made a member with my $12,500 payment!!! Yours truly, Allen B San Jose, CA

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